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  1. Back in June my husband and I decided after a long ten years of not having cats to get a beautiful little mink boy from Sarahleepaws. Sarah was very helpful and answered all of my questions and still does to this day! Our little boy is very friendly and well socialized. We highly recommend and encourage anyone looking for a Bengal cat to get one from Sarahleepaws.

  2. Sarah was helpful from the beginning to the end and still answers any questions I have. What I like about Sarah is that she genuinely cares about the well being of all her cats. They are a part of her family and treated with care and kindness. This was important to me. These cats are also very affectionate and friendly not to mention, super cute!

    I highly recommend her cattery.

  3. Sarah was friendly and very knowledgeable about bengals. She answered any questions we had. She gave very thoughtful cat care packages and told us to message her if we had any questions or concerns about our new bengals. I would rate our service 5 stars, she was excellent!

  4. A few months ago I decided it was time to have a new kitten. My previous cat had passed away over a year ago. I always wanted a Bengal, so I started doing some research. I visited many websites and had conversations with many Bengal catteries and it was now easy finding someone that I felt comfortable with, I always had an uneasy feeling. I didn’t want a kitten that didn’t come from a loving home and very few of those even exist! Most people wanted $$ up front before I even go to go and visit the kitten. I had pretty much given up on owning a bangle and then for some reason I came across Sarahleepawsbengal♥️ I contacted her at the end of November and her cat just had a litter that would be ready in January. I felt very comfortable talking to Sarah and immediately felt that she was trustworthy. She invited me to her home to see the kitten I had picked which was the only female in the litter! All of her cats are part of her family and have free roam of the house. Sarah has two young children that will just melt your heart and the kittens are immediately have interaction with children. Everything she promised and told me was spot on. I picked up my little CeCe mid- January and fell in love with her right away. She is the perfect kitten. Easy smooth transition and I even brought CeCe back to visit her brother and momma.
    I cannot recommend this place high enough. There are no words to say how happy I am with everything. I’m even thinking of getting another one later this year! I guarantee there won’t be any disappointment what so ever dealing with Sarahleepaws Bengals!

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